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April Game Clinic

We get a lot of games that are GREAT, but due to the complexity they might not get off the shelves as much as they should!
With that, we're trying something new! Join us April 3rd to play some of our more "involved favorites"!

Games we’re playing this month are…
This month's game clinic is Wednesday, April 10! And we've got an awesome lineup!

The Manhattan Project (game type: worker placement)

Root (game type: area control/conflict)

Concordia (game type: card drafting/hand management)

As always, we'll be walking you through these more complex board game treasures to make sure you get a nice deep dive into something you might not normally play! Use the link below to sign up or learn a bit more about the games!

Signup spots for games are available through the link HERE!

Later Event: April 21