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We get a lot of games that are GREAT, but due to the complexity they might not get off the shelves as much as they should!
With that, we're trying something new! Join us April 3rd to play some of our more "involved favorites"!

Games we’re playing this month are…

Signup spots for games are available through the link HERE!

Catan Tournament 2019 web.jpg

It's that time of year again! Get your sheep and your lumber ready to trade because you'll need all the resources you can get your hands on. It's time for the Catan National Qualifying Tournament at Tabletop Board Game Cafe.

We'll be hosting two heats, on Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday April 25.
The top 16 point earners will be invited to the Semi-final and Final on Wednesday May 1.

The winner of the tournament will be invited to the Nationals tournament at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH.

Register for the tournament HERE!



FRIENDS trivia!


The Fellowship is back to quiz you on all their adventures. Mainly focusing on the 3 films, with some sprinkles of books and Hobbit films in there. One ream to rule them all!

Tuesday, March 26th at 8:00 pm!


D&D at tabletop!


Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons!
Wednesday 6:30 PM, March 27th!
Come with nothing but a sense of adventure and a pencil, and an experienced, friendly Dungeon Master will guide you through your first session. We’ve even got a few sets of dice you can borrow!

Registration is not required, but RSVP here to help up get an idea of how many folks are attending.
Comment on our Facebook Event Page or just let your server know you’re interested next time you stop in!