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NIGHT FALLS MEGA GAME Featured at the June Mixer!


This month's Mixer we're excited to announce Night Falls, a mega game for up to 32 players, and the creator will be here to demo the game for everyone! Come experience this unique vampire and vampire-hunter themed game before it hits Kickstarter on June 20. The event is free with your "play pass" but we ask that you register before hand here!

 Click HERE for more information and REgistration! 


Harry Potter trivia!


Is there a spell for being good at trivia? If there is, you should probably know about it... AND know everything else about the Harry Potter universe! We've got a night about everyone's favorite wizard and all his shenanigans. Read up on those books, binge watch all the movies and study in the library like Hermione!

Tuesday, July 31 at 8:00 pm (Hey, that's H.P.'s birthday!)