Tabletop Board Game Cafe is now hiring!

Tabletop is Cleveland’s first board game cafe; a place where people can discover new games or rediscover the classics while enjoying fresh coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, or craft beer. We're looking for some most excellent people to be a part of this new adventure! Fill out the form below or send your resume to to apply.

Available Positions

We are currently looking for a hostess position. Weekend availability is a must. Responsibilities will include:

  • Greeting customers at the door
  • Seating folks
  • Handling the wait list as needed

The best candidates for the job:

  • Are reliable and take pride in their work.

  • Are able to think on their feet.

  • Are positive and energetic.

  • Are able to work weekends and evening hours.

  • Enjoy board games!

If you are interested in applying, please send us a short message (3 sentences) letting us know why you're interested in working at Tabletop and we'll send you an application.

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